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Hello and welcome! I'm Tia Tuenge, nee Steiner, and I'm so happy you've stopped by. I grew up on this land, playing in these fields, the beach and on Maxwelton farm, and while I've lived almost 30 years in Los Angeles, I am definitely a product of the land that raised me, as the author Alexandra Fuller said in her memoir 'Let's not go to the dogs tonight', about her childhood growing up in Africa, I'm paraphrasing, "we are raised by the land we grew on even more than we're raise by our parents".

Vida Sagrada means sacred life in Spanish. What is a sacred life and what does it mean to live a sacred life? It takes many threads to weave together the fabric of a sacred life, a life well lived, and one of the essential threads is the beautiful moments spent in beautiful places, with people we love. 

Vida Sagrada Guest House rests on the land that grew me, and is the culmination of many beautiful and messy moments, almost a century in the making, which began with the vision of my grandfather Hal Steiner and his wife, my beloved  grandma Rosemay Steiner, who acquired this land in the early 1940's. My family has been making beautiful, messy, and lasting memories here ever since, and it's my great pleasure and honor to share this beautiful land with you. It is my hope that you will come with the people you love and make your own beautiful memories.


Here's to a life well lived and lasting happy memories!

Below are Steiner family photos on our land spanning the mid 1940s through the mid 1970's.

Chrissy leaning against log on beach.jpg
Great grandma Wenk on Whidbey sitting in wheel barrow with dad.jpg
Chrsisy on beach with sucker.jpg
Hal, Chris & Bill playing on beach.jpg
Halroy on raft at Whidbey.jpg
Claudia & Chris on horse.jpg
Halroy & Chris on beach with dog.jpg
Tired Grandma & three little boys on beach.jpg
Tia & Dusty.jpg
Tia & horse 2.jpg
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